Return to Kyoto – Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺

It was 2017 when I first came to beautiful Kyoto. A year later, I was back. Unlike the first time when it rained the whole time, the sun was shining bright during this late summer day. The journey begins from Osaka Station. I spent that morning at Osaka Castle and now was headed to another… Continue Reading →

Temple & Shrine Walk Around Osu Kannon 大須観音

Walking down the streets of Nagoya, I can’t help but feel mesmerized by all the buildings around me, especially by the temples and shrines which are everywhere around Japan. Each makes me want to stop and take a picture or say a prayer (though I’m not Buddhist). What better way to begin the walk than… Continue Reading →

Sleeping in a Hanok (Jeonju) 전주 한옥

First time staying at a hanok (traditional Korean house). It’s literally the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in! I chose it for the novelty. The manager was super friendly and didn’t bother checking my reservation or asking my name. The old man just spotted me walking down the street and said, “Hey, you have a… Continue Reading →

Seoul to Nagoya Flight セントレア

I will go over the best way to get from Nagoya Airport (Chubu Centrair) to the city center using the uSky Express Train. Btw, this trip almost didn’t happen! Originally, Nagoya was supposed to be my last stop in Japan. But I ended up in Shikoku instead and after, thought I was returning to Korea… Continue Reading →

2020 Travels: 10 Cities! 여행 旅行

This year was the worst, but I tried to make the best out of it. =) Here is a brief review of every city I traveled to in 2020! With every destination, I’ll explain three things: What the picture is of. Why I went to that city. What surprised me about it. Let’s begin in… Continue Reading →

The Smallest Airport (I’ve Been To) 高松空港

Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, Shanghai: famous cities with famous airports. I’ve been to them all. And then we have Takamatsu Airport: a tiny airport located in the middle of nowhere! Arrival I was just in San Francisco, then China, then South Korea, and now back in Japan again. It had been a crazy last couple… Continue Reading →


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